#NotInMyTown is a 13-week campaign to fight human trafficking in Durham in Jesus name. #NIMT enables teens to fight the crime that targets their peers. Durham Youth Pastors are rallying teens against the most disguised spiritual and social justice battle of this generation and region.

Why Teens?

Since teens are the main target and most vulnerable to Human Trafficking they need to be made aware for their own safety, but this is not enough! Teens often are closed off and struggle with trusting adults but not so much with each-other. Teens have levels of access and transparency with their peers that youth workers, parents, coaches and therapists can’t come close to. That means they know each-other’s insecurities, listen to each-other’s raw language and thoughts. It’s at this level of depth that a Human Trafficker seeks access to an exploits through lies and manipulation. If teens learned what to watch for and listen for in their peers that were signs of grooming and vulnerability then they could protect each-other in areas and ways that adults don’t have the social and relational credibility to reach.

4 reasons this is ‘Jesus’ response to human trafficking’.

  1. Jesus came bringing good news of the Kingdom of God coming to mankind. (Mark 1:15)
  2. He came to rescue humanity from their self-damaging susceptibility to sin. (Luke 19:10)
  3. He demonstrated and taught a care for the outcast and victims of this world and started the Church to continue this ministry. (Matthew 25:40)
  4. The Churches response is founded and resourced by this good news message through both generosity and awareness of hope. (James 1:27)

Frequently Asked Questions:


What if someone asks for a charitable receipt?

Not In My Town cannot give charitable receipts but SafeHope Home can. In order for someone to receive one they must donate $15 or more and give their contact information through an online donation, or to the youth collecting the cash or cheque.

Who do I give cash and cheque donations to after collecting them?

Give you cash and cheque donations to the youth ministry leader in charge of your team, they will then get the donation to SafeHope Home.

Who does a donor write their cheque to?

A Donor should write their cheques to ‘Safehope Home’ and in the notes write ‘Not In My Town’.

Where do I put the information I’m collecting from cash/cheque donors?

Download  and print our ‘Cash Donation Tracking’ sheet to collect the important information. Download it here.

Someone gave a cash/cheque donation what do I do?

Collect their information and money, keep it safe and bring this to your youth leader. Then give them a ‘Not In My Town’ Magnet.

Who gets a ‘Not In My Town’ Magnet?

Anyone who adult who donates or any teen who signs up to be a participant in the campaign.

How do I get more ‘Not In My Town’ Magnets for those donating?

Contact your Youth Leader to get more ‘Not In My Town’ Magnets.

What Does $50,000 accomplish?

It provides 6 months of safe housing for 6 girls to be fully engaged in counselling, creative therapy and job training.  Check out SafeHope Home’s ministry.

How else can I help?

Awareness comes from changing a hidden problem into a visible solution. When you Donate you can choose to receive a poster and/or magnet to display your participation and solidarity in your home or workplace.