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To fight human trafficking every business & home at every corner in Durham needs to become a beacon of safety, hope and security. View Sponsors.

Sponsorship Letter to Businesses

Dear Neighbour,

There is a lurking crime that is infecting our city. This hidden crime is Human Trafficking and it’s worse than you probably realize. Did you know that 75% of human trafficking victims are under the age of 19 and that in the past 6 months, 41 young girls have been lured into Human Trafficking in the Durham Region alone?

Several church youth groups across the Durham Region in a campaign to generate awareness and fundraise to help victims of Human Trafficking. The campaign is called ‘Not In My Town’ to send a message of defiance against this crime and to distinguish our homes, workplaces and communities as safe places for victims and targets. From January to March local high school students will be equipped to fundraise in teams or as individuals. The money directly supports the ministry of Safe Hope Home. The goal is to raise $50,000 from January-March 2019. $50,000 will provide 6 months of safe housing for 6 girls to be fully engaged in counselling, creative therapy and job training.

Safe Hope Home offers a unique and comprehensive long-term recovery program for young women who have escaped human trafficking. During this 3 to 7 year program the women receive housing, counselling, rehab, life skills like job preparedness classes, job shadowing and on-the-job training.

We are writing this letter to invite you as a business to come alongside us in this campaign. Would you consider offering products, services or donations that could be put towards our efforts? We are accepting gift-cards to encourage teens who are fundraising. You could also donate to the fundraiser directly. We would love to even bring a poster to create awareness and demonstrate your support.



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Gift Cards

Donate a gift card today. Gift cards from businesses or from individuals will be used as incentives for teens who are fundraising.


If you’re a business owner, you can donate a discount to a product or service to be used as incentives for teens who are fundraising.


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